3D Cube Live Wallpaper Photo Editor

3D Cube Live Wallpaper Photo EditorMake your mobile screen beautiful and colorful with 3D Cube Live Wallpaper Photo Editor. This app allows you to add your favorite photos as faces of the cube and rotates smoothly. You can customize the cube size, rotation speed. How to use: 1. Add photos from mobile gallery2. You can choose photos between 1 to 63. Choose favorite 3D backgrounds4. Apply frames5. Change cube rotation speed, size etc, 6. Set as Live WallpaperKey Features: Easy to use UI. Lots of 3D backgrounds to choose from. Lots of Awesome Photo Frames to choose from. Easy to add Text. Easy to Customize cube. Its Free. It works Offline. Choose favorite AnimationsHave fun displaying your photos on cubeYou can add your favorite images to the cube just by picking 1 to 6 images from the gallery. Frames: In 3d cube live wall paper, frame is an essential feature in which you can decorate the 3dphoto cube with the frame, we provide a simple variety of frames you can add one of the frame to the cube that gives a stunning look to the cube. Stars Animation: you can select your preferable star and add it to the cube to make the wall paper look more fabulous Cube Size: with different effects and you can also increase/decrease the size of the cube and you can arrange the speed of the cube as per your needInteractive: 3d cube live wall paper is designed to be interactive with the touch of the fingerand you can also rotate this 3d cube and have fun you can also off the touch mode of the cubeSet Live Wallpaper: Set this 3d cube live wall paper on your mobile screen that gives a totallydifferent look to your screen. hope you all love making 3d live wall papers with your favorite photos. Download Now for Free.
Operating System Android