3Ds Stereogram Picture Viewer

In Android device that does not have a 3D display, "3Ds Stereogram Picture Viewer" app is an app that is able to see the 3D pictures. Corresponds to the MPO image format 3D pictures that have been adopted, such as 3DS. And side-by-side picture. This app, with features and adjustment of focus, the ability to fit the screen size three-dimensional pictures. So, it is very convenient. Enjoy a three-dimensional picture smartphone or tablet you're using all the time. It also supports the latest tablet that. Here, to introduce in detail (sorry now Japanese language only, but has many screen shots.) http://www.ringo. bz/apps/mpo2Come and enjoy 3D pictures with everyone. Trial version is here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? id=me. rxt. mpo2.free. The trial version, there is a trial period or ad is functionally the same as the paid version. There is no trial period and display advertising, the paid version, you can use comfortably. We recommend that before you purchase the paid version is tested with a trial version. If you will feel sick, please stop to use. The 2D picture will not be display 3D.
Operating System Android