Eclipse Megamovie Mobile

August 21, 2017 will be the first time a total solar eclipse will be visible in the continental United States since 1979, and the first time an eclipse is visible only in the US since 1776. The Eclipse Megamovie Mobile app from the Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley and Ideum is specifically designed to help you view and photograph this incredible event and link you to a nationwide citizen-science project studying the sun. Taking good photos of astronomical events requires a steady hand and precise control of exposure time and sensitivity. Megamovie Mobile will help you get tack-sharp photos of the eclipse by controlling your smartphone camera and taking a series of images automatically. The app also provides information about mounting your phone on a tripod, adding an external lens, or using a DSLR. The app also helps you plan ahead with information about the best route from your location to the eclipseâ??s path and a countdown clock ticking down to the big event. And if you use a DSLR to capture the eclipse, your images may become part of a stunning crowd-sourced movie created by Google. In addition, Eclipse Megamovie Mobile will link you to The Megamovie Project, a group of scientists who study eclipses and what they reveal about our sun. When you use the app and provide your permission, the images you take, and the time and location data theyâ??re associated with, will become part of a massive dataset of eclipse observations from around the country that researchers will use for years to come.
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsiOS 10.0