Baby story new 2017 best photo editor to create your pregnancy and baby's birth story. The story of the children make time pregnancy & baby milestones on cute picture story with professional fonts & sticker. Capture your pregnancy moments and turn them into commemorative photos. Baby Story application is very easy to use: 1. Capture a new image or choose one from your collection that you want to add to your baby's story. 2. Select the sticker and filters using tools kids story Photo Editor3. Select the excellent paste story other children that you want to add to the photo4. Zoom in, zoom out, rotate the baby stickers to make the picture perfect5. Share your picture with the hat with your family and friends in Facebook, Twitter, WatsApp, Instagram, and other social networks. The story of the children allows you to: Create statistics of pregnancy and the baby week by week, save and share. Create beautiful memories photos. More cute phrases and text on the image. Personalize the look of your photos with elegant and professional filter 15. Create baby milestone pictures. Add the baby's name, the weight of the baby, the baby's height, more on the importance of photo. Apply filter great for babies and children to make children's story looks more beautiful. Create sweet school photo with cute sticker. Categories for baby stickers: birthday, surprise, every day, day, Weeks, & status, due to Christmas and Deco. Choose fonts from a great collection of fonts from the best designers in the world. You can easily personalize your text for your special moments. Also you can adjust every aspect of cone photo use application stories for children. Very much effect magic mirror. fun photo filters. light. Contrast. Saturation. Blur. temperature. Shadows/Highlights. Crop. the HDR effect. text on the image. Focus.
Operating System Android