Emoji Maker : Custom Emoji

Emoji Maker: Custom Emoji is your own personal emoji editor. Create an expressive personal emoji avatar. Choose from a huge moji library of Emoji & Stickers - all featuring YOU. You can use your personal emoji create from Emoji Maker: Custom Emoji with Social & Chat apps (^.) (^_^) Features of Emoji Maker: Custom Emoji (^_^) () - Fully Customizable, pinch to resize, move, flip and more. Emoji maker from your face. Custom emoji maker. Save to gallery and edit existing designs. Send in most apps as emoji or sticker size. Emojis for android text messaging. 100% FREE. Emoji Maker: Custom Emoji lets you make your own customized emojisCreate your unlimited collection of personalized emoji makerEven if you do not know how to draw, you can still easily create your own emoji cartoon avatar by combining various face parts. Browse from a huge moji library designs and put them together with Emoji Maker: Custom Emoji (^.) (^_^) Browse creative emoji designs including (^_^) () - Custom colorful faces moji- Eyes moji- Eyebrows moji- Noses moji- Mouths moji- Hands moji- Hat stickers- Beard- Moustaches- Masks- Hairs custom moji- Glasses sticker (^.) (^_^) Simple Instructions (^_^) () 1. Design Your Emoji (^_^) 2. Save It To My Emojis (^.) 3. Share Your Emoji, and enjoy (^_^) Have fun designing your own custom emojis & Moji Edit. THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING "Emoji Maker: Custom Emoji" APPLICATION, If you like our App; please take a moment to rate it. Enjoy your self emoji.
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