Braces Colors Beauty

Beautiful color Braces is the app for making the braces on your pictures. These braces selfie camera you can use to imagine that you have braces that trend with fashion, so that you look like wearing real stirrup. Braces can be used for women and men in need. Actually braces used to straighten the teeth so that the teeth are falling apart could be better. However, today many people who put up the stirrup only for fashion. For you who love fashion stirrup, this application is perfect for you to use to decorate your teeth. Braces Colors Beauty is an editing tool for stirrup which is very easy to useGreat Braces can make your smile more beautiful and cute. Stickers braces in this application is very much, so you will not be confused in determining a good stirrup to the type of your teeth. The following are some of the features and how to use: 1. You need to take the first image through the camera or you can take a picture in your Android gallery. 2. Attach the sticker you want, you can zoom in or out stickers by using two fingers. Attach right on the area that you want. Stickers: Consists of various collections that you can use to decorate your photos. 3. Adjust the opacity to make the stickers you become transparent, so that the result looks like a picture of you becomes more real. 4. Use the "Flip" to make you change your sticker shape. 5. Use the "Delete" button to remove the stickers that you do not use. 6. The "Done" is used to proceed to the next step. 7. The "Share" is used to share the results of your picture with your friends through social networks that you have used. 8. Button "Save" is used to store the photos or images you into Android gallery. 9. The "Set As" used to make your photos into wallpaper or can be used to change your social networking profile photo. 10. Have fun. Use photos with faces that are easy to be decorated. So you are not too difficult to make a great view. By using photos with the right style, your photo edits will look perfect and like the original.
Operating System Android