SnapReader for Windows 10

SnapReader is a Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Accessible OCR application that can assist someone who has difficulty reading printed text. Please note that UWP applications do not run on earlier Windows versions, so SnapReader is for Windows 10 PCs only. SnapReader uses a new "Deep Learning" OCR engine which combines unmatched recognition accuracy with very fast processing speed. This new OCR engine is at least a generation ahead of any other application's OCR technology and SnapReader's OCR processing results will clearly show this. For example, on a typical desktop PC using a 5.0 MP document camera, SnapReader can read a page from a paperback book in about one second with no recognition errors. SnapReader can read documents that are single or multi-column, single or double page, in any orientation, and any skew angle. Please note that SnapReader 1.8 is English only. New: SnapReader is now compatible with Windows 10 Tablet PCs. About SnapReader Version 1.8 SnapReader has both a simple Graphical User Interface, and a straightforward and easy to use Accessible User Interface. It also includes a camera timer to allow you to set an image capture time delay. The image capture time delay can allow you to use your hands, if necessary, to flatten badly curled book pages which can produce a big boost in OCR accuracy. SnapReader's OCR processing function automatically rotates scanned document images to the correct orientation, so you don't need to worry if your documents are sideways or upside down. After character recognition is complete, SnapReader will automatically use its Text To Speech function to read the OCR text output to you. All OCR processing is done "locally" on your PC, as a result SnapReader doesn't require a network connection. SnapReader will also keep track of the text position in your scanned documents. If the text boundaries are too close to the edge of the image, it might indicate that you've actually cut off or "clipped" a portion of the text. If this happens SnapReader will notify you, for example it might say, "Document May Be Clipped On The Left". In that case, you could then pause the reading, shift the document a little to the right, and repeat the OCR. SnapReader also supplies the user with additional audio notifications. SnapReader will notify you if you forgot to plug in your document camera, or if the light level is too low, or if you have a blank page. SnapReader's DeskTop/NoteBook Keyboard Accessibility Keys and their Functions All of SnapReader's functions are accessible through your PC's keyboard, therefor SnapReader doesn't require a screen reader to operate the program. SnapReader uses the following easily located six function keys as command keys: F1 key - OCR a frame from the live video stream coming from your camera - and use Text To Speech to speak the OCR results to you. F2 key - Pause or resume Text To Speech F3 key - Change the capture time delay to any value between 0 to 20 seconds (default is 0) F4 key - Select a camera F5 key - Help, announce the name and function of all command keys F6 key - Exit SnapReader SnapReader provides extensive audio feedback during the program's operation. When you launch the program, SnapReader's Text To Speech system will announce that it's ready to operate by saying, "SnapReader 1.8 Is Ready". Audio feedback is also provided for each keypress and the capture time delay will use an audible ticking sound. While SnapReader's OCR engine is processing a page, you will hear a typing sound, and after OCR processing is complete, SnapReader's Text To Speech engine will read the OCR output to you. Snap2Text - A Plug-In For SnapReader. Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications like SnapReader operate in a restricted environment with limited access to Win32 functions. However, there are many Win32 functions that would be very useful for accessibility purposes but unfortunately are not available for a UWP application to use. So we created a plug-in for SnapReader called Snap2Text that provides a "bridge" that connects SnapReader to the Win32 world to overcome this limitation. Snap2Text allows you to save your OCR text output in a default file save directory or automatically convert it to MP3 audio and copy it to an MP3 player plugged into a USB port on your PC. It also has functions that allow you to navigate and select saved OCR text files and play them back at a later time. Using the Snap2Text plug-in is optional, you only need to use it if you want to use the enhanced functions that it provides. You can use these new commands by using the function keys or the numeric keypad keys listed below: F7 or 7 key - Convert SnapReader's OCR text output into an MP3 file and copy it to an MP3 player or save the OCR text output as a text file F8 or 8 key - Scroll down through the list of saved OCR text output files F9 or 9 key - Select a saved OCR text file to listen to with Text To Speech F10 or 0 key - Scroll up through the list of saved OCR text output files For more information about SnapReader and Snap2Text, please see our web site.
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows 10 Windows Mobile
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10 (x86)