Exif Batch Checker for Windows 10

Exif Batch Checker is the #1 application for checking your photo/video collections and archives for missing Metadata (Exif data), making those precious photos easier to find and organize. A modern Universal App for Windows 10 Desktop Looking to organize your photo archives? Want to search your photos? Or simply want to group them into views? Then you need Exif Batch Checker. All applications that search your photos use their metadata, and if any of it is missing, then you're missing photos in the results, or worse, a photo will be miss-categorised and you'll never see it again. Exif Batch Checker is exclusively designed for Windows 10 to provide the best possible experience; it's safe, secure, reliable and easy to use with a modern, clean user interface. Scalable from small collections of a few hundred files, to archives with over 200, 000 photos and videos. It's also the fastest, capable of checking 30, 000 files in less than a minute. From beginners to advanced users, the simple and intuitive interface of Exif Batch Checker allows you to analyse multiple files, folders and drives for the photos/videos with missing data. Simply Drag 'n' Drop your files and folders onto the app, and we'll get to work checking them for missing Metadata. You decide what data you're interested in, and we'll tell you which ones need attention. You can then save the results to a file for use in batch metadata changers. Privacy and Security are an issue for everyone and a high priority for us, we know that your photos and videos are precious to you and as such we've designed Exif Batch Checker to use least privilege mode. We don't have access to your Pictures, Videos, Folders, or Drives, in fact, it's one of the few apps that scores top marks on app reputation services. You simply Drag 'n' Drop the folders and files you want checked and that's all the app has access to, even then it's read-only, and If you ever need to contact support, we'll never ask for remote access to your computer or for any personal information.
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows Windows 10 Mobile
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10 (x86, x64)