CloudOrganizer for Windows 10

CloudOrganizer is a Windows-10- (Mobile-) App (UWP). This app is in early development, bugs are still possible. Catalogs must possibly be re-created after updating this app. Terms: Catalog: A catalog is created for a selected folder in OneDrive. the catalog contains informations about every photo in this folder and subfolder. First synchronization: The first synchronization is executed, when a catalog is created. Then informations about all photos are initially collected. Following synchronization: All changes since last synchronization are collected. First steps: First synchronization should be started in WLAN, because of possibly high traffic. After the first start of CloudOrganizer, a catalog must be created. Therefor a OneDrive-folder must be selected. After that, the first synchronization is executed: All folders are parsed for collecting photos. For each photo, details informations are collected and thumbnails are preloaded. First synchronization can take a long period of time, depending on the number of found photos. Tips and comments: It can be recommendable to create several smaller catalogs instead of one big catalog. This depends on the number of photos. I prefer creating one catalog for each year. In CloudOrganizer you can quickly switch between catalogs. In detail view, the thumbnail of a photo is scaled to full screen/window size. This is almost always sufficient. In a subsequent version of CloudOrganizer, it will be possible to reload this photo in full resolution. I am developing CloudOrganizer in my free time. Therefor responding to requests and questions may take some time.
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Windows 10
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)