Teleprompter App for Windows 10

Thank you for choosing the Teleprompter App for Windows 10 by Please note: If you run into an issue with this app, email us first at to help fix the issue. Teleprompter App was created to help you produce presentation videos in Full HD 1080p. You can also use it to create promotional videos to bring viewers to your business or the businesses of your clients. As you probably know, videos are great for increasing online exposure and revenue. All of Teleprompter App's features can be accessed from inside a single screen. The row of 13 buttons, near the bottom, are labeled, making usage straight forward. How to use Teleprompter App for Windows 10: Use the first button to read the Instructions. Use the next 3 buttons to enter your script into Teleprompter App for PC and Mobile. Content can be entered by: Selecting a text file - Typing a web address that specifies the location of an online article - Speaking the content near the microphone. Teleprompter App will convert it into text. Use the next 4 buttons to configure the preview canvas which is connected to the front-facing or selfie camera. The script box can be moved to any location above the buttons bar. Just place your finger or mouse on it and move it. You want to give your audience the impression that you are making eye contact with them as you are reading your script. The buttons let you to: Adjust its height and width - Increase or decrease the font size - Control the rate of the script to suit all reading speeds - Enable and disable face detection. Use the next 4 buttons to prepare the video. You can: Select the folder where the file will be saved in - Select the type and encoding format of the video file - Record the video - Review the video from inside a mini player. You can play, pause, fast forward or rewind it. Detailed instructions on how to use the Windows 10 Teleprompter App can be viewed by clicking the Instructions button. The Teleprompter App for Windows 10 offers enormous flexibility for importing content, configuring the script box and for creating. Avi, Mp4 and. Wmv video files in any encoding format. Teleprompter App has a 24-hour trial and then a price of $3.49.
Price USD 3.49
License Purchase
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements Available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)