Funny Faces and Funny Filters

Funny Faces uses Face Detection to create Funny Filters and Put your Face on Funny Places. Beard Booth and Funny Face Booth are now added for more entertainment. Funny Faces and Funny Filters now has 4 Main Features: 1. Funny Face Filters - Easy to use Funny Filters: a. Select a Photo with your face clearly visible. b. Select one many Funny Filters including Balloon Faces, Tree Faces, Four Eyes and Many more funny face filters. c. You can adjust Face in Funny Filters to create the view you want with Manual Face Swap. d. Save and Share Funny Faces with Friends and Family. 2. Beard and Mustache Booth - Add Beard and Mustaches to your face easily: a) Wide Range of Mustache to decorate your face. b) Beard Booth Lets you add Beard and Mustaches to your faces. c) Face Detection lets you add Beard and Mustaches automatically. 3. Funny Face Effects - Funny Booth to turn your face into Funny Effects. a) Effects like Face Warp Turn your face into funny face. b) Funny Face Booth turns Face Warp and Face Bulge into funny Face Filters. 4. Hats and Goggles Booth - Hats Booth and Goggles Booth for your Face. a) Hats Booth lets you add Funny Hats to your Face. b) Googles Booth to let you add Goggles to your Face. Funny Filters for Pictures is best way to Face Swap with Funny Objects and create funny photos.
Operating System Android