Background Eraser & Changer

Background Eraser & Changer is the most advanced Background Remover and Replace Background app. Background Eraser Comes with Following advanced tools: 1. Auto Background Eraser: Fastest Background eraser which removes photo background when you touch the background of a photo. You change the Tolerance of Erase Tool with seekbar, Cleanup Tool removes any pixels left out. 2. Manual Background Eraser: In cases where auto background eraser is not suitable manual background eraser can be used to improve erase tool. You can change the size of eraser and remove the background manually by touching the background. 3. Background Adder: For places where background is removed that should not be, you can manually add the original photo background back. 4. Background Changer: Change your photo background by replacing photo background with the photo you chose from your gallery or our top photo backgrounds. Easily change the background with simple selection of background. Erase backgrounds and replace the background with awesome looking backgrounds.
Operating System Android