3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper

3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper is the most exciting Live wallpaper and Always on Photo Cube along with 3D Photo Spheres. 3D Photo Cube comes in four modes: 1. Always on 3D Photo Cube: The cube will always be on your screen floating around entertaining you with cool looking photo cube with your photos. Always on Photo cube lets you select 1 to 6 photos as sides of your photo cube. You can chose the size of photo cube. 2.3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper: Cube live wallpaper to appear as your photo cube live wallpaper. You can set the following settings for your Photo Cube Live Wallpaper: a) Photo on Photo Cube: You can chose 1 to 6 of your photos to appear as Faces of Cube. Photos select float on your wallpaper. b) Size of Cube for your Live wallpaper. 3. Always on 3D Photo Sphere: Photo Sphere moving around on your device. Photo sphere lets you add one to 6 photos to sphere that appears magically on your screen always. 4.3D Photo Sphere Live Wallpaper: Photo Sphere Live wallpaper is the best sphere wallpaper to have with your photos wrapped on sphere as your Photo Live wallpaper. Create best looking photo cubes and Photo spheres to appear on your screen.
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