Sony Vegas 12 v1 Training

Master the essentials of using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 12 or Sony Vegas Pro 12. Includes access to media and practice project. Chapters Include: Movie Studio vs. Pro- Updating Software- Opening Settings- Using Tracks- Renaming Tracks- Adding Media to Timeline- Rearranging Tracks- Changing Track Height- Empty Project Template- Saving Project- Creating Tracks- Event Thumbnail Settings- Zooming Timeline View- Setting Event Thumbnails- Windows Layouts- Adjusting Windows with Keyboard- Undocking Windows- Saving Windows Layouts- Secondary Monitor- Zooming Timeline- Moving Timeline- Project Properties- Match Project to Media- Match First Media- Preview Settings- Proxy Files- Importing Media- Capturing DV- Capturing HDV- Import From DVD- Import From CD- Import Image Sequence- Import Camcorder Files- Import From Windows Explorer- Explorer Thumbnails- Can't See Video- Project Media Tab- Media Bins- Search Project Media- Copy Bins to New Project- Smart Bins- Tagging Media- Quick Tags- Saving Projects- Project Files- Project Backup Files- The Timeline- Playback/Stop/Pause- Center Timeline Over Cursor- Frame-by-Frame- Playback using JKL- Scrubbing- Time Selection- Zoom Selection- Delete Gaps- Splitting Events- Time Selection Review- Selecting Events- Delete Section of Event- Undisturbed Time Selection- Ignore Event Grouping- Pink Sync Indicator- Move Events Together- Select Multiple Events- Select Events to End- Grouping- Move Events Vertically- Sync Links- Stereoscopic 3D- Trimming- Notches- Non-Destrcutive Editing- Split Editing- Quantize to Frames- Trim to Cursor- Trim and Split Buttons- Add Buttons to Vegas Pro- Split/Trim- Meat Grinder- Numeric Trim- Slipping and Sliding- The Trimmer- 2-Point Edit- 3-Point Edit- 4-Point Edit- Fit to Fill- Subclips from Trimmer- Subclip from Timeline- Timelline Overwrite- Moving Events- Copy/Paste Events- Still Image from Video- Copy an Event Segment- Copy by Dragging- Syncing A/V Pairs- Ripple- Post Ripple- Setting up Multiple Tracks- Cutaways- Stabilize Media- Text- Pro Titler- Compositing- Event Buttons- Event Names- add video or audio only- Multiple Audio Tracks- Minimize Track Height- Solo / Mute- True Solo- Track Grouping- Markers and Regions- Ripple Markers- Jump to Marker- Regions- Move to Marker- Project Notes- Embed Markers and Regions- Promote Media Markers- Marker Restore Point- TRANSITIONS- Audio Fades- Audio Fade Envelope- Video Fades- Snap to Cursor- Fade Multiple Events- Text Fade In- TRANSITIONS- Event Transitions- Audio Crossfades- Video Crossfades- Crossfade with Keyboard- Sliding Transitions- Expanded Edit Mode- Transitions Tab- RAM Render- Fix ChoppyPlayback- Reverse- Slo-Mo / Speed Changes- Velocity Envelopes- Speed Ramping- Set Speed Numerically.
Operating System Android