the best camera application designed to capture very high quality Ultra HD photos. It is completely free. She works without the Internet. Best camera application designed with superior performance. With this program you can take good quality pictures. Designed perfectly for Android devices. Everyone wants to take good pictures. All that's needed is a high-quality program. Camera free for Android. This application offers all the features you need. You can find the pictures taken in the gallery folder. Produced in a convenient way. In the menu, you can select the features you want. The HDR camera offers you the best service you need. With the video capture feature, you can record special days. Here you can check the product you want online. It is produced in versatile and high quality. It performs very well with its many features. Features: Original shooting. Easy to use. ISO option. Night mode. Sunset mode. Flash options. Turn it on and off. Do not use the effect feature. Focus- Video capture- Switch between front and rear camera. Timer- Color and brightness settings. White balance. (Fluorescent, light bulb, automatic and cloudy.) - Color effect. (Sepia, sunlight, pastel, mosaic, red tones, blue tones, water, pastel) - More shots. Improved features. Zoom. Exposure settings. Scene mode. (Night, candle light, party, beach, sunset, portrait). Measurement mode. Screen setting. Automatic setting- Shrink settings. Multi shot- Adjusting HD video, video quality. The resolution is too high. The camera program is free. Capable of taking many pictures with one touch. Advanced settings for the front camera. Selfie. The most beautiful photos. Camera, video recorder and panorama features- White balance settings (Bulb, Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight, Cloudy) - Screen mode settings (Action, Night, Sunset, Play) - Dynamic user interface (phone / tablet) - Pinch to zoom- Intelligent panorama shooting- Widescreen pictures- Picture quality setting- Exposure- Location targeting- Adjustable volume keys- Countdown Timer- 3 modes: camera, video recorder and panorama- Dynamic user interface (phone / tablet) - Video recording effects: Pen, Lomo, Documentary, Blue, Thermal and Mosaic (Android 4.3+ only) - Funny face effects video recording (Android 4.3+ only) - Color effects (mono, sepia, negative,) - Silent mode (no loupe, some devices may not work) - Configurable volume keys- Timer- Burst Mode- Guiding Principles- Widescreen pictures- Picture quality setting (low / medium / high / ultra) - UHD - 4K video recording (Samsung S5 / S6 - Note 3/4) - Video bit rate selection (0.5x / 0.75x / normal / 2x) - Configurable storage source (Internal / SD card) - Time skipped video recording (3.0+ only) - Video stabilization on / off (on some devices only).
Operating System Android


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