The Trump Hair Snap Filter is an app that lets you copy Trump's hair and hairstyle. You won't need a professional hairdresser to copy our new president's hair. You can snap a selfie or take a picture of someone to apply this filter. Celebrate Inauguration day by copying Donald Trump's hairstyle. This past presidential election was a heated one so take some heat off of the presidential elections and look like Trump. The steps are very easy: 1) Take a selfie or snap a picture of someone2) Save and celebrateTrump Hair Snap Filter is a hair game. From all the other hair games, Donald Trump's hair was made in Unity engine so this model of the hair used by the app is as real as it's going to get. All of the other hairdressing games use stickers but we use a 3D model. Unity trumps all when it comes to being realistic. You can take on President Trumo ego by looking as good as he thinks he is using this app. Even if you don't support President Trump, this app will still be beneficial for the current Inauguration. The least you could do is see if you look good with his hair on during the Inauguration. Inauguration news stations will surely be covering this so using this app to show that you promote Tump will be smart to do on social media. Inauguration 2017 is not even a yearly thing so it makes sense for Americans to blow it up. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAINA Short Story: Story behind Donald Trump and Vladimir PutinDonald Trump's net worth in the United States is an astonishing one. He has created a business empire while running a reality show called the Apprentice. Putin net worth isn't something to compare to Donald Trump's since he is the current president of Russia. Putin and Trump has been in the local and global news. It's not because of their leadership styles that made news, it's because of their friendship. Trump has publicly shown his support for Putin. Putin is also not afraid to voice his opinion and has also expressed that Donald Trump, to his eyes, would be better for the health of America.
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