Sketch Photo maker is an Application that can make real sketch of your photo. Sketch Photo Maker is a professional application to make you an artist by creating pencil sketch of your photos. This application support both black-white and color sketch with 12 different kinds of wonderful effects including: Color Pencil and Simple Pencil Sketches. Its an amazing application to make pencil sketch of your photos easily in just few seconds. It can converts any photo into an art of drawing with pencil. This application is totally free and very easy to use even child's can use this application. Simple and intuitive user interface and gives best pencil effect result in just few seconds. Just pick a photo from mobile gallery and Transform any images into an impressive real artistic, drawing and simple pencil sketch by using this "Sketch Photo maker" application. Sketch effects create more accurate results with better edges and curves for human portrait photo, objects and nature views. Simply, It's just a professional and Best Real Artistic Sketch Photo Maker application. Features: Resize photo: User can adjust the size of the picture with different aspect ratios. You can make Smooth Pencil Sketch. Apply cool sketch photo effects that includes: sketch, soft, dark pencil, detailed, color pencil, overlay black. You can make Sepia tone Sketch. Apply different colors over your sketched photo. Color Sketches. Hard Pencil Sketches. Black Board Drawing. Simple Use Soft, Smooth and Hard Pencil Sketches. How to Use Sketch Photo maker 1) Select Image from Gallery. 2) Start Sketching like Great Artist Pencil sketch. 3) Leave Rest of the work on the application. It will Create Real Artistic sketch for you automatically. 4) Apply different sketch effects to make it more real drawing sketch. 5) Easily Save and Share them with family and friends on social media. This application is sported by ads.
Operating System Android