Color Analysis Professional

Color Analysis Pro App allows you to perform deep color analysis for any image. you can select local stored image or take a picture from your smartphone/tablet camera or crop a part of image. after the image has been processed you will get the color information: such as color name, group name, RGB, Hex Code, Color Percent. the colors will be divided into groups from the most from the most dominance color to the less significant. New Features: 1. Now you can select a specific part of an image (Cropping). 2. Click on the color box in the list to SEE the actual pixels. When you will click on the Group Color Box (Big Box) you will see border pixels wrapping the color. When you will click on the Color Box (Small Box) you will see the actual pixels of the color. 3. Touch on the image to get color information such as: Color Name, RGB, Hex4. Create your own color list - Now you can create your own color list with your own groups and colors. you can select to use your own color list instead the existing one. 5. Select matching calibration color accuracy - see the colors you want from specific percent %6. RGB Histogram Graph. Basic Features: 1. You can select existing image or alternatively take a picture from internal camera. 2. Full information about the image color usage such as: Color Percentage - Color Name - RGB & Hex Code. 3. Export color map (based HTML) to your email. 4. Export color analysis results to Excel file over the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Email) or local storage.
Operating System Android