Magic Light Master PRO

Exposure tool + White Balance meter + Reference = ALL IN ONEYou have heard about ETTR, zone system of exposure and characteristic curves, and want to upgrade your knowledge in how to perfectly expose your footage? This app will upgrade your on-field exposure practice. This is a paid PRO version of the program. It has some additional features and is void of ads. Measure the amount of light on your critical subjects in the shot (faces, sky, windows, dark shadows) with a lightmeter, and place all those spots on the characteristic curve for your camera (+ button). Then change the exposure parameters of your camera (EXPO button) so that your key spots are in the normal zone (green dots on the graph), or at least in the low contrast area (yellow dots). Avoid total noise or overexposure (red dots). Experiment with the exposure parameters to get the best result, modifying ISO, aperture f-number, shutter speed and ND filters. SOON TO COME: ETTR feature, WB detector.
Operating System Android