If you ever need a camera in front of any other active app, Floating Camera is the best solution for you. This app will create a multi window camera in front of any other active app- You can select front- or back-camera if available on your device- The camera can be moved all over the display (drag and drop) - The app works in portrait and landscape mode. You can resize the preview window- You can select the photo resolution- The camera preview window will stay allways on top of your screen- You can sop the camera via notification without using the "manager screen" (Quit Webcam) - A real working multi window camera for android 4. 0 or better- Floating Camera can take pictures in automatic mode every X seconds/minutes- You can configure a server to send heartbeat for remote monitoring- You can configure floating Camera to take a photo only if something on the picture has changed- With the Camera you can upload your taken pictures to your webspace via webservice- And the BEST - Floating Webcam is FREE & NO-ADS.
Operating System Android