Super DSLR Camera Full HD

Super DSLR Camera Full HD: Aplication with semi DSLR ability function, feel your android looks like DSLR captures makes your moment more amazing. DSLR HD Camera is designed to take photos easily using the timer and multi short settings. This is more user friendly camera to take HD photos or selfies. Full HD DLSR Camera allows you to make perfect Images, it's a very fast and simple way to capture important moments with your front and back camera. Features: Camera, video recorder- Click photo on phone shake- Flash setting with a unique TORCH option- Color balance settings- Camera Focus setting- Andorid all version support- Pinch to zoom- ZoomIn ZoomOut- Colour effect settings- Anti-Banding settings- Save Settings (Phone/microSD) - Auto Stabilise - Burst mode option- Countdown Timer- Easily shoot excellent photos- Face detection- High definition with quick react time- Inbuilt photo editor- Other beautiful features, discover it yourself. DSLR X-HD camera helps you to capture and immortalize your moments with HD image capture. suitable to be applied to the filter prism of art, and produce a work of art that is more beautiful. Creating motion blur background part and the front part, of course, with a focus on the object. If You Like DSLR HD Camera HD Please dont forget to give a 5 stars Rate.
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