Change My Hair And Eye Color

Change the hair color and eye color instantly is easy to use tool for makeup. This change hair color and eye color to add cosmetic lenses and accessories, to create stunning visual effects without applying makeup. Features hair and eye color change of the application: Simulate 40+ photo-realistic eye color in the photo. Use The 70 kinds of hair color for free. Apply A few filters to give a dashing look at your photos. Adjust the opacity of each hair and eye color effect. Upload photo from the photo gallery, camera, etc. Save Photo gallery and share photos on Facebook or other social network. Try different hair color and eye color on your own photos. so friends to give a different look to your photos and share with friends. You can have the cat, green, even the blue eyes. Try all of these effects, and much more with this free graphics editor. Try different hair color on your hair photos. Many colors to choose from, and all are free.
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