Photography Toolset

The ideal photography tool at home and while travelling. Photoxor C1 provides a rich photography toolset for photographers at all levels. Beginners may use this tool to better understand how exposure, aperture, exposure time and film sensitivity (ISO) depend on each other. The advanced photographer may calculate camera settings for "black glass" filters, plan a photo shoot considering Golden or Blue Hour, sun and moon directions. Photoxor C1 is a universal toolbox for a wide range of photography calculations, GPS location tracking, sun and moon calculations, and even lightmeter, compass, long exposure timer, torch function, and also a Widget for quick access to some key functions. Please also visit the Photoxor Blog http://photoxor. A number of in-app purchases are now available to further extend capabilities: Advertisement free: Get more screen space by removing the advertisement banner. High Precision: An essential feature for serious photographers. Get your calculation outputs (depth of field, field of view) in high precision - configure between 2 and 8 significant digits results. Filter Pro: Define multiple stacked (neutral density) filters and calculate the resulting effect. Tracking Pro: Get unlimited tracking capability. The time limit for audio recordings is removed, and there is also no limit to the duration of a logging session. Flash Pro: Configure complex guide profile for zoom flash units, or when using light modifiers (such as diffusion dome).
Operating System Android