Make It 3D PRO - 3D Camera

Please use free version first before buying PRO version. I am happy to give refunds at any time for any reasonYou can make your own anaglyph stereoscopic 3D pictures without 3D camera. Make It 3D generates anaglyph 3D photos from phone's camera or gallery. Make It 3D can make stereo pictures with only one camera. With Make It 3D, you don't need 3D smartphone which has dual camera to generate stereophotographs. You can manually adjust intermediate stereogram by watching superimposed left and right pictures like stereoscope. 3D glasses are required to (red/cyan) see anaglyph stereoscopy. 3D glasses with black lenses (polarized 3D glasses, active shutter glasses), such as the ones from 3D TV will not work. The PRO version provides- Auto align function- No-ad. I am happy to give refunds at any time for any reason.
Operating System Android