Erase Photo Background Changer

> Erase photo background changer app provide the best background of your app. If you bored with your old background, You can change from a list of given background. Photo background changer Provides the best background list like world's famous places, beautiful places, beautiful beach places, girlish background, love type background, natural background etc. Extra Features: 1. Eraser, Its size can keep it the way you want. 2. Cursor, Its proximity to want to keep it that way. 3. Lots of Different backgrounds. 4. Opacity and contrast of image. 5. Brightness of image. Follow this steps in Erase photo background changer app and put best background in your photo: 1. Select your photo from the camera or gallery for background change. 2. Cut your photo using the eraser. Eraser size must be big or small as you want. 3. The cursor changed for cutting the image, it must be nearer or far away from the image. 4. After cutting the image, choose your background for your photo. 5. Different effects of the photo applied to image. 6. You have three options for different effects on image, opacity, brightness and contrast for photo background editor. 7. Set your image properly on a different background. 8. At the last save your image and share with your friends. Erase photo background changer app completely free to download.
Operating System Android