Gallery is the best photo & video gallery, picture browser & viewer with cool 3D transitions. Gallery Features. 3D transitions like spiral, helix, circle and many more to view images. Change transition from one to another using just one click on Action bar icon witness cool 3D effects. Cool 3D effects on single tap and double tap. Play Video as Hologram Video. Auto-transition change on position/orientation change of device. Play transition of images using action bar icon. Start browsing images in gallery where you have left last time instead of starting again from first image. Folder Exclude & Restore. Set any photo as Background. Configurable Auto Hide Action bar & Navigation Control. Select and Share photos & videos with your loved onesGALLERY: Ultra fast photo & video viewer- Configurable thumbnail size/colors- Photo tag viewer & editor- Grid view/Filmstrip view- Custom action buttons (edit, delete, tags, ) in photo view- Scroll: Horizontal/Vertical- Configurable screen orientation- Show/hide status bar- Slideshow animations: Fade, zoom, slide & flipNote: You will be needed Hologram Projector to view Hologram video.
Operating System Android