It's finally possible. You can take pictures and record videos with your Sony camera using your Sony SmartWatch 2 device as a remote control. PLEASE NOTE, IMPORTANT HINT FOR COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Sony provides a List of supported devices: https://developer. (scroll down a little to see the table). Please test the app first and if you don't like it, you have 15 min to cancel the order and retrieve your invest. The App is developed on a Sony HDR AS 30 and Sony DSC-HX60, some users with NEX6 and A7 were able to use it as well, but without video recording mode. Some devices does not support zoom in and zoom out with the app and some devices like the DSC-HX60 DOES NOT support remote RECORD VIDEO. The camera device is not providing the movie mode for the app calling mechanism. Please don't write a bad review, just cancel, if you don't like it, the app is tested in 5 min. You don't need to search for the recording button of your cam on your helmet, while you are storming down the hill. This app allows you to use your SmartWatch 2 device for: 1. Taking pictures with your action cam and looking at Picture after it's taken (in this way you can finally see the picture you've just taken and decide if it's good enough or if you want to take another one) 2. Recording videos with your cam on a very simple way, by just tapping on a button on your SmartWatch 2 device3. Moreover, you profit from the native development of the app which ensures a smooth user experience and quick and easy handling The app is installed on your smartphone device as a normal app for a Sony SmartWatch 2. You need the free Sony Smart Connect Android app to use any apps for Sony SmartWatch 2. You have to connect the smartphone to the WiFi network of the Sony Cam first. Just turn the WiFi hotspot on your camera and connect the smartphone to this network. Currently, following models are supported: Sony HDR-AS15 (latest firmware update needed) Sony HDR-AS30 Sony HDR-AS100 Sony HDR-MV1 Sony A7R Sony A7 Sony NEX-6 Sony NEX-5R Sony NEX-5T Sony A5000 Sony A6000 Sony DSC-HX60 Sony DSC-HX400 Sony DSC-QX100 Sony DSC-QX10On the Smartphone: Upon installation, you can adjust the app's properties by selecting following settings: 1. Activate Picture Review (5sec) - After a picture shot, a picture is shown on the SmartWatch 2 display, which will disappear after 5 seconds. You can remove the picture immediately by clicking on it. 2. Activate Haptic Feedback - Upon every touch on the screen of your SmartWatch, you will receive a different vibration feedback. For Instance: 3 x 100ms for video record start 2 x 200ms for video record stop 3 x 100ms for picture shotOn the SmartWatch 2: To switch between the 3 possible options, use the SmartWatch 2 context menu, (the 3 dots on the right bottom edge of the smartwatch 2 / Hardware Button per touch) : 1. Connect to the Sony Camera - you have to use this option in order to connect the SmartWatch 2/phone with the camera. This should be done after starting the app on the SmartWatch2. Switch to Picture Mode - you are now able to take pictures3. Switch to Video Mode - you are now able to record a videoOn the main screen, you have just two buttons and a message row: 1. With the shoot button you can record videos, stop the recording and take pictures based on the camera mode you are currently using. 2. The info button shows the selected mode of the camera and the name of the camera, which is currently selected. That's all. Explaining the use of permissions: This app needs only INTERNET Permission rights, in order to connect to the Sony camera by it's WiFi network. KeywordsSmart shutter, remote shutter, remote control, sony action cam, Sony SmartWatch 2, SW2, Smart Plugin, Smart Extensions, Sony Camera, Camera Remote API by SonyThis app is not affiliated with SonyFor any questions please mail me on: mvp.development.
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