Arto: pencil sketch photo

Arto: sketch is a photo effect app that transforms your photo into artistic pencil sketches using digital sketching and coloring techniques. The artistic sketching effect provided by Arto: sketch will turn any photographer into a skilled pencil sketch artist instantly. INNOVATIVE AND EXQUISITE PENCIL SKETCHING EFFECTArto: sketch transforms regular photos into exquisite artistic pencil sketches using our innovative digital sketching and coloring algorithm. Our algorithm is performance optimized and generates stylish pencil sketches in real-time on your mobile devices. DYNAMIC AND HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE PHOTO EFFECTArto supports extensive and professional photo effect adjustments. A small set of built-in presets are provided for quick and easy photo processing. Users can easily build a personal preset library with Arto's dynamic and highly customizable photo effects. STREAMLINE WORKFLOW AND SIMPLE INTERFACEArto adopts professional style photo processing workflow. With our streamline workflow, users can focus on the photo and the effect without the complexity of the user interface. FLEXIBLE PHOTO RESOLUTION AND QUALITYArto imports the photo in three preferred resolutions: basic size (800p, 1024p or 1280p depending on the hardware capability), screen size, and original size (bound by the hardware capability); and exports the aftereffect in qualities of three preferred uses: share, print and lossless. With Arto, every effect is unique and every photo you recreate is personal. Arto, the photo artist, makes your photo simply beautiful. To create nature and artistic photo effect, Arto demands high level computing resource. Slow rendering reaction might be experienced on entry level devices. By downloading, you agree to the Terms of Use at html.
Operating System Android