See example images created using the app here: Lumix cameras must be WiFi capable and must support manual focus via the Panasonic Image App. User Guide: Connect to the network: As a prerequisite you should have connected your Lumix to the Image App before. In the Wifi Menu of the Lumix you should have entries in the "Select a destination from History" menu. Select a network and then start the GSimpleRelease APP. The Splash screen indicates in which network the app is searching for the camera. You can easily open the Wifi- Manager to change the network. Using the Release Tab: The release tab is a very simplified remote shutter control. Just press the green button to make a photo. The Bulb on / Bulb off toogle button is for easy operation of the bulb function. You have to switch the camera to Bulb before operating the switch. Otherwise it will not work correctly. Using the Focus Stack Tab: This tab is for helping you in the creation of Focus Bracktets for creating Focus Stacks. For the actual stacking process you require additional software, this app is just helping you in making the pictures. Switch the camera to Manual Focus as otherwise the function will not work. The procedure is very simple: set the starting focus point - this is normally the part of the object nearest to the lens. Use the focus buttons to set the end focus - usually behind the object. You have to set a start and end focus otherwise the function will not work properly. The Buttons from top to down: Focus Buttons: The four buttons below are used to adjust the focus. The two left buttons are used for near focus, the two right buttons for far focus. You can adjust the focus in large (outer button) or small increments (inner button). Set Start / Sent End Focus: if you have focused to the desired positions please press either of the buttons. Start Focus Bracket: This will display the Bracket dialog. You can either cancel the operation or have the choice between to set the desired step width. Zero is the Coarse Mode - using larger focus increments, will create less photos (usually 10-25) Please wait until the finished dialog appears. Sometimes there is a small pause during the stacking operation. Copyright: All rights reserved by Dr. Holger Kremmin. Use on your own risk. No warranty for your devices. This product is not sponsored by Panasonic, Corp. or its subsidiaries. Panasonic Product Names and terminology are trademarks of Panasonic, Corp. GSimpleRelease is using the following Open Source libraries: Android Asynchronous Http Client, Copyright by James Smith, is a beta distribution - it will work as desired but may contain bugs.
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