Enhance your photosThis app will let you make the most of your photos, it provides 4 enhancement tools with simple, yet powerful controls. Denoise: Remove noise caused by low light or detail enhancement. Contrast: Change the dynamic contrast in a photo, this lets you see information in dark and light areas of a photo at the same time. Detail: Enhance the details in a photo. Unlike some apps, this doesn't just sharpen the edges but really brings out features you might not be able to see otherwise. Saturation: Enhance all or some of the colours in a photo. The button in the top right lets you see the originalFor denoising, contrast and detail enhancement, you can choose the size of the neighbourhood used by the algorithms. The app works by splitting a photo into 3 layers, a contrast layer, a base layer and a detail layer. Each layer is obtained using spatial filters with a complexity of O (1) per pixel so it's all done really quickly. This means you can adjust parameters in real time and see how they change your photo. To edit a photo, either open the app and select a source photo or from your gallery/camera app select the share icon and choose "Snap Enhance"The app is non-destructive, your original photo is stored and the enhancements can be undone at any time. Select "show applied effects" from the menu to see which effects are applied. The order of the effects is important, for example denoising before detail enhancement is different to denoising after. To make a copy of a photo you can use the "export" menu item. If you try to edit a photo from a source (for example Picassa) where it can't be saved it will be saved into the "Edited Online Photos" folder.
Operating System Android