Add watermarks to your pictures and protect your photos with our app. Put your property text or a logo image into your picture, adjust its size, transparency, rotation, alignment. Lots of settings and features, also auto processing in batch mode. FOR SUPPORT AND HELP please contact me via email or website (see below). Primary features of the Full version: Taking pictures with camera or upload images from gallery. Processing of multiple images. Fonts, color and other effects for Text. Opacity and rotation effect for logo image. Support of transparent. png images as watermark (User defined image-watermarks). Can use both text & logo image on same photo. Built-in fonts. Adjust size, transparency, rotation, position or color. Saves watermarked photos to separate folder named as BATCH. HOW TO USE IT? Functionality is described in uploaded photos if any difficulty contact me. Limitations: Can process 10 photos at a time, will increase the number in future versions. Please note, due to memory limitations of mobile devices you could have problems when saving images in full camera resolution (more than 6-8 megapixel, depending on device). If so, it is recommended to use downsize when saving. Otherwise the app reduces the pic's resolution automatically, to avoid out-of-memory errors. Another Android limitation: On Android 4. 4 (KitKat) and above you can't anymore save images to an external storage due to security restrictions. Use device's internal memory instead. Useful tips: Don't delete original images after watermarking, because you can't remove watermarks from processed images. To add watermark direct from Gallery click on UPLOAD LOGO at right top of screen. If you think you could help me to translate this app in other languages, please let me know. Feel free to contact me: lubnaxafi@gmail.comOr visit me here:
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