MFshooter is a camera application that gives you precise control over your camera in iOS devices.Five shooting modes to meet your needs==============================* Choose from two program modes, shutter-priority, ISO-priority and manual modes.* Aim and shoot using "Program mode - continuous" (Pc)* Separate exposure metering point from focus point to fine-tuning in "Program mode - single shot" (Ps)* Action shot using "Shutter priority mode" (Tv)* Control image quality using "ISO priority mode" (Iv)* Total control using "Manual mode" (M)30+ filters to change color of your photo=============================* More than 30 filters have been added that can adjust the color of your photo.* These filters can be used to edit the photo you just took, or any picture in your photo album.* Filters include artistic filters that make your photo look like a drawing done with a pen or a pencil.* Use red-only filter to highlight red and turn the rest to gray-scale in your photo.* Blue-only and green-only filters are also available.Super easy exposure adjustment========================Two sun icons on screen allow super easy exposure adjustment by tapping.* Darker exposure by tapping the left icon* Lighter exposure by tapping the right iconManual focus support================* MFshooter supports manual focus which allows you to adjust the lens position yourself.Manual white balance support======================* You can adjust the Kelvin manually. Not only does this let you get the precise white balance you want to get for your photo, this will also let you unleash your creativity to make the color of your photo match your imagination.Please note:* An iOS device has different camera capabilities depending on the model, and not all the features described below may be available for your device. In addition, front camera and back camera may have different capabilities, and features that are available for the back camera may not be available for the front camera. Some features may not be available on an iOS device with less than 1GB of RAM.* When flash is on, shutter speed and ISO settings that you specified will be overridden by the system.
File Size8.14 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with . iTunes account required.