AV for Photoshop CS6 206 - Creating HDR Photos

Create High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos in Photoshop and Lightroom with acclaimed photographer and educator, Dan Moughamian...High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs allow you recreate the world as your eyes see it, but which your camera cant capture in a single shot. Dan sets the scene by explaining what HDR photography is, how it works, and when it makes sense to use it. Along the way, he includes tips for shooting HDR exposures, as well as useful RAW photo optimization techniques.Then Dan guides you through his favorite settings for producing high quality 16-bit images, using a variety of HDR tone-mapping techniques, including: Merge to HDR Pro in Photoshop CS6, HDR Efex Pro 2 (the popular Photoshop and Lightroom plugin), and even a special technique for tone-mapping 32-bit TIFF images directly inside Lightroom 4! This allows you to maximize every pixel of exposure data captured in your raw photos, producing the best results possible.By the end of the course, youll be inspired to try the techniques you've learned and convert your own photos into eye-popping, realistic HDR images. Best of all, youll be well on your way to mastering this popular photographic technique.Table of contents:1. Welcome2. HDR Defined3. When to use HDR4. Camera Tips5. General Raw Optimization Tips (Any Platform)6. Selecting & Merging the Exposures You Need7. UI Overview8. Deghosting9. Setting the Brightness, Contrast & Detail10. Handling the Highlights & Shadows11. Corner Curves12. Global Color Enhancement13. Examining Raw Exposures in Lightroom 414. Synchronizing Raw Edits Before the Merge15. Creating a "32-bit Raw File" for Lightroom16. Importing and Evaluating the 32-bit File17. HDR Tone-Mapping with Lightroom 418. Global and Local Color Enhancement in Lightroom 419. Exporting from Lightroom for 16-Bit Workflows20. Image Selection & Merge Settings21. Starting Point: Pick a Preset22. Tone Compression & HDR Method23. Tonality Settings24. Color & Selective Adjustments25. Finishing Touches & Output26. Photoshop Color Tweaks27. Closing
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