Fat Lens - Create Mosaic Photos

Fat Lens is an unique app that allows you to see and capture the world in a different way.Through an incredibly responsive camera view, Fat Lens shows you a Mosaic version of your surrounding. The size of the mosaic tiles can be adjusted interactively; simply pinch the screen! Using a thin pixel size, details will be shown while you can create some artsy censored-like images using really chubby pixels. It doesnt stop to there as you will also be able to change the shape of the pixels. There are 33 different shape available! You will find hip shapes, simple geometric shapes, and puzzle-patterns. Fat Lens can even add another dimension to your world with striking 3D tiles. On top of these, we are very happy to introduce beautiful photo filters. Indeed, they are interactive, simply slide horizontally to experience them! The possibility brought by Fat Lens are infinite! There are so many combination of shape, size and filters! Once happy, press the shutter button to capture a Mosaic picture. However, it doesnt stop there! You will get the opportunity to reveal or highlight regions of the image by showing the original fine pixels. That can be done by drawing using your fingers in the Editor view. Fat Lens comes with 27 different adjustable brushes, you are in full control. Also from there, you can keep experimenting and altering the mosaic tiles. Once you are happy with your editing, share your creation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, via Email and other apps or simply save it to the camera roll. And the quality is there as you can treat large image of up to 16 mega-pixels!!!Because we don't believe in One Size Fit All, we are introducing 2 new app!- Fat-Pixel is an editor that allows you to create mosaic with images from you camera roll! - Fat-Cam is just about the capture. Less is more!and indeed they are available for FREE! Check them out: www.fat-pixel.com & www.fat-cam.comThe great thing about our Fat apps is that they were conceived with technology usually used in computer games. So, unlike other apps, the interface is extremely responsive and your action will be executed in real-time! You wont find many app like this. The pixel density of our screen never stop to increase and we are presenting something new. Fat Lens is experimental, creative and fun to play with.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 31.41 MB
Version 1.1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.