Sollic Solutions Image Resizer

The Sollic Solutions Image Resizer is a useful Windows tool. It can resize pictures or any kind of images (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, ICONS). This image resizing software can be used to resize small or even huge amounts of pictures. Features: Resize from almost any picture format. Convert from any picture format to any other picture format. Rotate pictures. Greyscaling pictures. Add custom prefixes for resized, converted and greyscaled images. save resized, converted and greyscaled images in subfolders. Choose to overwrite original pictures or make a copy adding a prefix. Preview images. Batch support. Why use an image resizer? Image Resizers are (obviously) used to resize images or pictures. It is a very useful tool for webmasters, each and every image showing on a website is downloaded each time the page loads. The bigger the images, the more data your visitors have to download. Resizing pictures shrinks the file size with minimal quality loss, which leads to faster loading times and less data usage. Another example, after an amazing holiday everyone wants to see the pictures you took. How ever, pictures from modern camera's are approximately 2-4 MB per picture. Sending 2-4 MB files through email is a slow process. Resizing the holiday pictures can shrink them down to ~400-500 KB. Using this image resizer compresses the file size up to 80% with minimal quality loss.
Price USD0
License Free
File Size 842.62 kB
Version 1.04
Operating System Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows 8 Windows Windows XP