Motion Capture

Motion Capture allows you to use your iPhone/iPod touch camera to shoot a series of action all in a single photo automatically. This type of clone photography normally requires lots of manual post processing but Motion Capture does this tedious job for you. All it requires is a clear static background, good lighting condition and that your iPhone/iPod touch held steadily (preferably on a tripod mount) during the motion capture.Motion Capture is also equipped with useful features such as "startup delay" which helps you capture a stunt action of yourself more conveniently. You can also adjust the frame rate, motion capture duration or fine tune the result images.Whether its a sports stunt, drama action scene, dancing or car in action, you can now experience this exciting photographing technique at ease using your iPhone or iPod touch!Get Motion Capture and experience how "dynamic" a still picture can appear!Specifications:- Motion capture frame rate adjustment: 3 - 15 fps- Motion capture duration: 1 - 10 seconds- Startup delay adjustment: 1.5 - 5 seconds- Shake detection & indicator: YES- Tilt and level detection & indicators: YES- Result quality adjustment: *Parametric- Visual analyzing aids: overlay grids, lines, ticker in black or white- Sharing: Save to photo album for sharing- UI theme: RetrospectiveRequirements:For best motion capturing results, meet the following requirements as much as possible.- Motion capture scene - static and preferably clear background scene; good color contrast against moving subject/object- Lighting conditions - natural outdoor sunlight or even and bright indoor lighting- iOS device mounting - iOS device should be held on a steady surface or mountings (preferably on tripod mounts) such that the shake indicator stops blinking- No moving object should enter the camera view frame during startup delay period.Remarks:* The "tolerance" setting may be used to improve result image quality only in some situations. Please note that Motion Capture is not perfect. Visual artifacts and pixel dropouts on result images are normal. Always adhere to the motion capture requirements listed above for better image quality.
Price USD 4.99
License Purchase
File Size 3.07 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.