DWs Slice

Equipped with the most advanced texture generators 'Slice' will turn the creation of textures from annoying fit into pure pleasure. Extract texture elements in real-time from images with 'Instant Texture', '2x2', 'Instant Merge' and with the unique 'Instant Diagonal'! Take full control over the process of creating textures - 'Slice' creates everything right before your eyes, giving you the flexibility and options you've always needed. Slice doesn't mess with the channels of your image, nor adds hidden pseudo-improvements like Sharpen, Blur or any other filters or adjustements! Slice doesn't change the resolution, or size of your image and doesn't remove any parts from it! Our texture generator offers at the same time powerful and easy to use environment that doesn't require extensive and consuming valuable time studying - you'll begin to work productively enough from the very first execute! List of 'Slice' additional features : - Batch Processing function: convert multiple image files into textures, bump maps, normal maps and image resize... - 3D texture tile preview: see how your texture would look from different perspective angles. - Photoshop edit: send the generated texture pattern to Adobe Photoshop(if a CS version is installed). - Clone Region tool: clones pixels from one place to another in the image. - Normal Map generator - Bump Map Generator - Dual Monitor Support: tile the generated texture on your second monitor. - Channel Mixer: adjust RGB and HSL values in the channels of the image. - Stripes Generator: creates vertical lines of solid RGB colors for use in the 'Instant Diagonal' texture generator. - Filter Gallery, including: Dilate, Median, Box Blur, Gaussian Blur, Kuwahara Blur, Frost Blur, Edge Detect, Laplace Edge Detect, Hard Edge Detect, Emboss, Sobel Emboss, Pixelate, Jitter, Noise, Turbulence, Sharpen, Sepia...
Price USD 35
License Free to try
File Size 7.05 MB
Version 1.5.6
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
System Requirements .NET Framework 3.5 SP1