Free Image Converter and Resizer

Convert many images easily and fast. Free Image Converter and Resizer is a powerful converter for graphic files, photos, images or other images of any type. You can convert your photos or pictures in the format that suits you and that you need. You can change the size of picture or images and you can change images effect. So you have pictures along with family or friends you can converts this pictures in different formats.You can convert many images at once. A massive number of image file formats are available for storing graphical data, and, consequently, there are a number of issues associated with converting from one image format to another, most notably loss of image detail. But with Free Image Converter and Resizer you have no problems. To convert images just click 1. in icons (add images) to load images, 2. in icons (convert) to convert images, icons (Clear all Images) to delete images. Convert Images step by step. 1.In icon (Add Images)--Just click this icon and choose your image you can choose one image or some image in one time. 2.In Icon (Convert)--just click this icon and convert your images in different formats (png,gif,bmp,jpg,tiff). 3. In icon (Clear all Images)--just click this icon and clear all images. 4.In Output Image Directory--choose directory to save your images. 5.In Write Images Name--write name for your images. 6.Jpeg quality--change jpeg quality. 7.Rotate Images--Rotate your images (flip,mirror) or 0-270 angle. 8.Choose Image Size--Change width and height images size. 9.Image Effect - choose grayscale to save images with this effects.
License Free
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Version 4.1
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