India from a kite by Nicolas Chorier

Kite Aerial Photography, in India.New version with an added video and new interactive links to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.Aerial photography is widely used around the world, and most of the territories have been seen from above. Nevertheless, some countries, like India, still banish it for security reasons, as its usually done from helicopters or planes. By combining a camera and a kite, Nicolas Chorier could record a spectacular kaleidoscope of aerial photography from across the country. These images are therefore really unique and exclusive, as they capture for the first time a wide range of the Indian beauty. A few square inches of fabric, a touch of technical know-how, a whiff of breeze, and lo, there is birdy on the remote. These photographs challenge ones sense of orientation and perspective, play with textures and graphics, and provide a close view of the world from an unusual angle.The kite allows the photographer to wait for just the right time to click, when a ray of sun finally comes to highlight the subject. The camera will fly the wind, a silent and unobtrusive spectator, alert and fully integrated in its natural surroundings.Eco-friendly, easy to set and non-intrusive, kite aerial photography has a lot to offer to the spectator. It allows low altitude shots, close-up from above, preserves the human dimension in the compositions, and gives access to remoted sites in intricated environments. Fifteen years ago, the kite line became my second optical nerve. Since then, each destination inspired me to devise tailor-made hardware and photographing techniques, which I am constantly improving. Each new venture brings me into contact with dedicated and highly knowledgeable specialists. And every instance turns out to be a rich and fulfilling experienceOn the field, its always amazing to see how much a kite and a camera can create such a link between people, whether theyre Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists Curious from all origins and of all ages will have the same smile, the same shine in the eyes, when gathering around the kite line.And in India, the country of Faith, in any form, there is something strong in all Indian souls, which is inspiring all aspects of a day spent in India. That spiritual dimension is intimately mixed with a fantastic sense of pragmatism, which is sometimes close to surrealism. That can be unbearable for some, but for me its enchanting This application will depict for you a selection of world heritage sites, spectacular landscapes, and most important: humans.Youll fly above the Taj Mahal, close to its dome, and cruise on the small boat, upstream the Ganga at Varanasi, the holiest city in the world.Youll share a meal with a group of camels in Rajasthan, and fly above legendary palaces.Youll imagine yourself at the Kumba Mela at Allahabad, the largest human gathering on earth. Nicolas Chorier is waiting for you thereYou will see the Kalari fighters on the beach, and their shadow even more, like no one did before, only the birds.Youll visit Kerala and its enchanting beaches, discover Hampi and its rocks. And more.Have a nice flight !MagBooks are the first perfectly animated photography books for the iPhone and iPad.
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