CAMERA MAGIC HD - Prank your friends

CREATE STUNNING COMPOSITIONS WITH PLANETS ASTRONAUTS, GALAXIES, BIRDS, HELICOPTERS, PLANES, WEAPONS & MORE! ALMOST 700,000 COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE! ALL PACKAGES 30% OFF, in average, FOR A LIMITED TIME ON THE TOP LIST IN 61 COUNTRIES IPHONE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE Added support for new retina iPad 81 new objects (including Apollo images)CameraMagic is a simple but powerful application that you can use to create amazing compositions using your pictures and one or more of the spectacular images coming with the application.Amaze your friends creating amazing images with planes, helicopters, fireballs, comets, planets, astronauts, galaxies, fighter jets and more!LIST OF AVAILABLE OBJECTS 5 Bald Eagle images 33 different UFOs Dozens of space elements, the planets of the Solar System Apollo 10 Moon contour Andromeda Galaxy Earth Contours Space Shuttle images including the ISS & Earth, launch & landing Galaxies, nebulae, clusters, comets, pulsars & the moon phases Dozens of planes, fighter jets, helicopters, experimental aircrafts Moon lander & moon rover Military vehicles, planes, missiles and weapons, military helicopter, soldier hanging on cable, soldier hanging on helicopter, plane in fire Animals: birds, otter, squirrel, alligator, armadillo, moose, wolf, owl, deer, mountain lion, grizzly bears, polar bears, seal, goat, ivory gull, fulmar, 6 penguins, baby penguin, walrus, sheep, butterfly Several marking and visual effects elements as cloud, smoke, fire, stain, sun, fireball, stars, lightning, brights, rain, motion blur... 16 frames for your pictures 9 wild flowers 3 sharks and a shark fin 4 Icebergs, 5 Mountains, 10 Hurricanes, 5 Lightning Illustrations: Basketball, Knife, Samurai Sword, Pirate Swords, Photorealistic Bullet, Candle Burning, 4 Soda Cans, Electric Guitar, Old Clock, Billiard Ball 3 LocomotivesTHIS VERSION BRINGS 81 NEW OBJECTS American Flag White House Washington Monument Capitol Washington Mars Rover images Ed White 1st US Space Walk Apollo 7 Launch Apollo 8 Earthrise, Moon Crater & Moon Farside Apollo 9 Lunar Module, Spider & S-IVB Apollo 10 Roll-out, Terraced W Crater Apollo 11 Moon Bootprint, Buzz Aldrin & Flag, Neil Armstrong on the moon, Eagle Lunar Orbit, Aldrin on the Tranquility Base, Buzz Aldrin on the moon, launch images. Apollo 12 Conrad & Flag Apollo 14 Shepard Apollo 15 launch & roll-out, Irwin scoops soil, Scott Gives Salute, Scott on the Rover Apollo 16 Young on the Moon Apollo 17 Pre Launch, Cernan & Flag, Cernan & Rover, Schmitt & Flag Voyager Mission: Sounds of Earth Disc, Neptune & Triton, Neptune, Uranus Moon Miranda, Jupiter Moon IO, Jupiter Callisto Gemini First Dock in Space Saturn IB Launch Saturn V stage, Saturn V 3rd Stage Adapter DEEP SPACE ELEMENTS: Supernovas (Cassiopeia A, SN1604, SN1572), Multiple Galaxies, Nebulas (Cartwheel, N49, M78, Ring M57, Crab M1, NGC3247), Galaxies (Andromeda, Ultraluminous, Triangulum M33, Whirlpool M51, Pinwheel M83, M58, Bode's M81, Pinwheel M101, Sombrero M104), Neutron Star SGR1900, Milky Way Ring Castle Towers Colorado LandscapeFEATURES Comes with 384 objects you can add to your pictures* 81 new objects coming with this release Better ways to sort the objects on the list Image Compositions can be done using one out of 3 blending modes Dozens of frames you can add to your pics Your original images are never modified Several marking and pointing elements as circles, arrows, squares, you can use to highlight elements on pictures All images coming with CameraMagic are royalties free IPHONE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE* CameraMagic comes 384 objects: 83 free objects and 301 objects you can optionally buy (in-app purchase) individually or in bundles to save money
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License Free
File Size 312.14 MB
Version 5.5
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPad. iTunes account required.