Free Online Raw Converter

RAW Converter quickly and accurately converts RAW to JPG RAW format is well-known to any professional photographer, because it allows see the "original images" obtained directly from the CCD camera. In contrast to the JPG format it does not degrade the quality of RAW frames, obtained photo is larger and image data are stored separately from information about how to handle the image. After copying the RAW images to a computer a problem appears: how to open a photo. Most of editors refuse to work with RAW shots. We offer you a free application RAW Converter, which can help you not only to open your photos, but also to quickly convert RAW (made by any camera: Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Sony) to JPG. Freeware application RAW Converter is easy to use--you need to make only 3 easy steps: 1) Select the desired image by clicking "Browse". 2) Select the type of the resulting image (we give you the opportunity to convert RAW format to JPG (JPEG), PNG, GIF, TIFF). 3) Click on "Convert". In just a few seconds using our application RAW Converter you will get the desired result and can save photos to your computer for further processing. With our program, you will immediately notice the difference between the converted picture and photo made directly to JPG - in the first case, the frame will be bigger and better.
License Free
Version 1.01
Operating System Webware