Glimpse: Location Aware Video. Glimpse is an entirely new way to take pictures with your iphone. The end result of a glimpse is a time lapse video complete with location data, all easily done using your iPhone. Glimpse Lite is the free version of Glimpse. Glimpse Lite limits glimpses to 100 photos max and allows a maximum of 5 glimpses to be saved at a time. If you want more you can purchase glimpse and take as many glimpses, with as many photos as you like. Please see example glimpses at the glimpse website: http://www.glimpsecloud.com Inside glimpse you decide how many photos to take, the time between each photo, and if you want GPS data to be collected. When the glimpse is finished you can play it back in the glimpse viewer. The glimpse viewer will display the images in one half of the screen and the location data on Aa map in the other half of the screen. You can also upload all the glimpse information to your computer. Once you have the images and location data you can do whatever you choose to do with it. The images are clearly marked so you can create any type of media you choose. This is just the beginning for glimpse. Many exciting features will be added in future releases. The current price is temporary and will increase as we release these new features. Features: - Stop motion video with location information automatically captured on you iPhone - Image and location playback in the same viewer. Each frame matches a location so you can see exactly where you were when the image was taken - Time labels in the player to see when the image was taken - First image timer to make it easy to setup for the first picture - Free access to glimpsecloud.com to upload and share you glimpes with friends. All accessed easily from your iPhone. - Desktop syncing via SyncDocs to upload a glimpse to your computer via WiFi - Automatically let you know if you try to create a glimpse that is too large for the amount of space on your device
File Size2.1 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPod Touch, iPhone. iTunes account required.