In some situation, photos need explanations. ivImage can save the photo and its explanations in one file, and display the explanations at exact positions on the photo. It is convenient to transfer, copy and save the photos, however, the notes on them are never lost. The users can use the ivTools to view and edit the messages and control the messages appear or disappear. The ivTools include the ivReader and the ivWriter. The ivReader is a browser-like software for displaying images. If the image is an ivImage, the ivReader can display the messages which are hidden in the image by clicking the button with eyes. The iv image uses popular formats (currently support PNG, BMP, RGB and TIFF formats) and almost keep same size as the normal image, that is, the messages do not take any extra space.Version 1.53 adds a Customized Dialog which can change and save the background color of the views.
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