This program generates thumbnails and Web pages from your photos. ThumbHTML is a utility that enables the rapid deployment of digital images to the Web. You choose the folder containing the images you wish to show, and click the 'create thumbnails' button. This will generate thumbnails of your images. You then choose the number of images to be displayed per page and a page title, and click 'Make HTML'. That's it - all you then have to do is to upload the entire folder (including the thumbnails sub-folder) to your Web site. Recent changes include the ability to add comments to each image, to extract the photo data from the EXIF headers in jpg images and the ability to create a slideshow. You can now also batch process your images creating pre-defined sets of resized images. This version is the first release on CNET 2.9 Build 355 Improved the IPTC-reading capability considerably,Fixed extraction of ISO setting from Canon EXIF headers,Added ability to choose the filename for the thumbnail index pages.
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