Tiny Light Meter

Tiny Light Meter for Android will take a quick snap of the scene and calculate the exposure you need for your camera. Adjust the aperture or ISO dial and watch the shutter speed adjust itself to the correct metered exposure. Not sure what it would look like if you pushed the exposure a stop? Exposure compensation is built right in. Preview the brightness of the exposure before you take it with your film camera. Zoom in either optically or digitally. In terms of metering for light levels, there's no difference. Get the correct exposure if the scene is really dark and you need to expose for a bright spot. Zoom all the way and use exposure compensation to get an accurate reading. Tiny Light Meter will log your exposure settings if you wish. Since you can't exactly record EXIF data into your film, you need somewhere to write it down. No need to carry around a notebook anymore, Tiny Light Meter can record exposure information about each of your shots, organized by rolls of film, and saved in CSV format.
Price USD 2.99
License Purchase
Version 1.05
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android OS 2.0