Chaggle for Firefox

Chaggle users don't have to worry anymore about finding people to chat with while they browse. Chaggle creates a chat room for every site so you always have someone to talk to. Ask how they liked that new smart phone, ask them if that new song is any good, ask them anything--because now you can. When a Chaggle user visits a website, they can chat with all users who are there and they can see all of the comments that other users have left as they passed by. This provides real-time third party information about all websites and it brings together users who are looking at the same site but, until now, could never interact with each other. Chaggle clients can chat in real time at any Web site's home page, and can drop useful comments (Web Crumbs) at specific webpages to let other user know what to look for when they pass by later. Users can also rate (with a thumbs up or thumbs down) and reply to any comments posted. Chaggle let you chat 1-on-1 with buddies and provides a direct mail (Chaggle mail) option within the interface. Users can choose to post comments to only the local chatroom they are in, or they can choose to "Shout Out" to the entire Chaggle community. Chaggle users can search through the latest comments using the search function and can "park" themselves in their favorite chatroom and chat there while they continue to surf the web.
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Operating System Windows Windows 2003 Windows 98 Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows XP Windows Me
System RequirementsFirefox 3.5