eTag Web Video Image Capture Tool for FireFox

eTagLive Capture tool help you manage your Online research activities in a way that is similar to your current File Explorer and e-mail programs managing your "offline" computer's files, sharing and collaboration activities. The site's plug-ins for Firefox, IE, and Chrome browsers allow users to quickly bookmark, or grab fully interactive, targeted sections of any web page including videos, images, right from within where user is browsing. All captured contents, bookmarks, and notes are stored in the user's account at website so user can access it anywhere via any internet-enabled devices. Directly on any public computer, i.e. library computers, users can use the online plug-in, and even without installation required, to access their bookmarks and captured contents seamlessly. It is a great asset for users who regularly doing research online and need to gather specific, uncluttered content and sources for reference, share and collaborate with friends via the built in Email and file-sharing tools. For Google Chrome users, please use our Online tool by saving a bookmark link to it. To use, you just have to click on the bookmark link to activate the tool from within any Web site.
File Size187.4 kB
Operating System Windows 98 Windows NT Windows Windows Me Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 2003
System RequirementsMozilla Firefox