Tinderstatus displays an icon in your browser's status bar which shows the status of Mozilla tinderboxen. Tinderboxen are the computers which build Mozilla applications over and over, reporting the results of each build attempt to tinderbox.mozilla.org, so that developers making changes to the applications know when their changes cause the builds to break. Tinderstatus will either display a green icon, meaning all tinderboxen last reported successful builds and tests; an orange icon, meaning all tinderboxen last reported successful build, but one or more reported test failures; a red icon, meaning one or more tinderboxen last reported build failures; or a black icon, meaning Tinderstatus was unable to retrieve the status of the tinderboxen. Tinderstatus will also either display an open or closed door symbol on its icon depending on whether the Mozilla codebase is currently open or closed to general changes.
File Size18.62 kB
Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows Vista
System RequirementsFirefox 1.5 - 4.0