OpenBerg Lector 5 is a modern, open-source, e-book reader, currently under development by the OpenBerg Project. In its purpose, OpenBerg Lector 5 is comparable to Acrobat Reader, Microsoft eBook Reader or MobiReader. By opposition to each of these readers, however, Lector is an extension for Firefox and gives you access to all the browser tools you're accustomed to, including bookmarks, history, tab-reading and other extensions. More importantly, OpenBerg Lector 5 is fully open-source, which means that you can check how it works; you can improve it yourself or get someone to improve it for you (us or someone else); you'll still be able to read your Lector books in 10 years, on a different machine. Version 2007.07.28 includes unspecified updates.
File Size302.11 kB
Operating System Windows XP Windows Vista Windows
System RequirementsWindows XP/Vista, Mozilla Firefox 2.0