Image2XML is a versatile and affordable forms processing solution. It can take scanned typed form images (such as bank statements, typed medical records, etc) and convert them into text XML. Image2XML has the following key features: Scanning of images from any TWAIN compliant scanner. Processing of BMP, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG with Image processing actions such as de-skewing, removal of noise (despeck), stripping of colors, sharpening, resizing. Creation of templates that describe form data and image processing actions that can be placed into a job for later batch processing. OCR processing that will select the best results and combine them into one final 'XML' product. Image result data (what we call "Product XML") will be combined into an intuitive xml file with the names defined in the template. "Product XML" maintains the hierarchical nature of the form processed. Data belongs to the fields they are associated with in the template and transactions on forms that are grouped together are maintained as rows of parent fields. The ability to utilize the results of different OCR engines and automatically utilize the best results of each. Plug-in architecture--you will not be locked into the OCR engine that is bundled with this application, you will not be locked into the image processing capabilities bundled with this application. We are eager to make this product work for you, so join our forums and tell us how we can satisfy your image and forms processing needs.
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